Movies at the Betty Ehart Senior Center


Jan 4, Stand Up and Cheer (1934)

Passed, 1h 8min

Shirley Temple, Warner Baxter

President Franklin Roosevelt appoints a theatrical producer as the new Secretary of Amusement in order to cheer up an American public still suffering through the Depression.

Jan 11, The Littlest Rebel (1935)

Approved, 1h 13min

Shirley Temple, John Boles

Shirley Temple’s father, a rebel officer, sneaks back to his rundown plantation to see his family and is arrested. A Yankee takes pity and sets up an escape. Everyone is captured and the officers are to be executed. Shirley and “Bojangles” Robinson beg President Lincoln to intercede.

Jan 18, The Little Princess (1939)

Approved, 1h 33min

Shirley Temple, Richard Greene

A little girl is left by her father in an exclusive seminary for girls, her father having to go to South Africa to fight in the Second Boer War.

Jan 25, Heidi (1937)

Approved, 1h 28min

Shirley Temple, Jean Hersholt

A plucky little orphan girl gets dumped abruptly into her gruff, hermit grandfather’s care, then later gets retaken and delivered as a companion for an injured girl.

Movies at the White Rock Senior Center

Tuesday, November 14, Funny Farm, 1988 

101 min., rated PG 

Chevy Chase, Kevin O’Morrison, Madolyn Smith Osborne 

A couple swap city life for the country, but their picturesque new hometown turns out to be overrun with a gauntlet of crazy inhabitants.