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Betty Ehart Senior Center

1101 Bathtub Row

Los Alamos, NM 87544


Front Desk: 505-662-8920


Fax Number: 505-661-7677

Cell Phone: 505-412-2200

Pauline Schneider, Director:

Reservations for Meals and Transportation: 505-662-8922

Karen, in Transportation:

Fred in Food Service is:

Mike Mason, White Rock Chef is:

White Rock Kitchen: 505-672-9544

Los Alamos Volunteer Association (LAVA): 505-662-8923

Linda Boncella, LAVA Director:

The Day Out: 505-661-0081

Laurie Hochhalter, Director:


White Rock Senior Center

134 State Road 4, Suite A2

White Rock, NM 87547

Annie Bard:

Front Desk: 505-672-2034

Board of Directors

President:                         Ann Shafer

Vice President:               Trent Latimer

Treasurer:                       Tom Feiertag

Secretary:                        Shelby Redondo

Other Members:            Shelby Redondo, Jack Gehre, Lewis Muir, Bob Swift, & Dick Foster